BAME: more harm than good?

The word “BAME” is a commonly used acronym for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic. In many ways the terminology has become an umbrella term to describe anything “non-white”. But what does it actually mean to be BAME? And is grouping “non-white” as BAME a good thing or does it oversimplify and remove the cultural and.. read more →

Law Society: Sisters in Law – opening the discussion – Exploring the issues that impact BAME women in the profession

Event Date: 3rd October 2016 Are you interested in hearing from passionate researchers, having your voice heard and promoting the interests of BAME women solicitors everywhere? Current research tends to categorise and define women lawyers as one homogenous group, however there is little evidence that this captures the experiences of BAME women lawyers. Whilst there.. read more →

03 Oct 2016
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NOTICED and Law Society BAME: speed networking event

NOTICED and Law Society BAME: speed networking event On 21 September 2015, NOTICED and the Law Society co-hosted a speed networking event aimed at black and minority ethnic solicitors. Various studies have highlighted that networking and access to positive and visible role models is important to the career development of BAME solicitors. With that in.. read more →

21 Sep 2015
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